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  • What We Do

    180 Degrees has been "Turning Lives Around To Ensure Safer Communities" in Minnesota since 1973. We are committed to our clients’ success, building on their own inherent strengths and resiliency through the coaching and encouragement of our experienced and compassionate professionals. We offer life skills development and enrichment, educational engagement, personal accountability, and therapeutic mental health programs for youth, adults and families. 180 Degrees actively addresses the challenges faced by youth and adults who are currently involved or at risk of involvement in the justice system. We employ best practices and proven therapeutic, intervention and prevention strategies in our programming. Our skilled professionals are leaders in the collective community commitment to reducing racial disparities in the juvenile justice system. We offer multidisciplinary alternatives to detention and supportive accountability strategies help our clients realize their highest potential. By reducing the overall use of costly, ineffective detention placements, we are reducing the risk of future harm while supporting youth of all cultures to thrive.

  • Youth

    Through effective programs and services, 180 Degrees intervenes in the lives of youth who are involved, or are at risk of involvement, with the juvenile justice system. Since 2001, we have made great strides in supporting youth to make healthy life choices, strengthening their hope and outlook for a brighter future.

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  • Adult

    Since 1973, 180 Degrees, Inc. has served men re-entering communities from correctional facilities in our residential half-way house program.

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  • Features

    Safe and Sound Center for Girls and Young Women on November 26th, 2013