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180 Degrees, Inc. is always in need of qualified mentors to work with the young boys and girls who participate in our Resiliency Mentoring program. What is Mentoring? Mentoring is a structured and trusting relationship that brings young people together with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of the mentee. A mentor is an adult who, along with parents, provides a young person with support, counsel, friendship, reinforcement and constructive example. Unfortunately, without immediate intervention by caring adults, many youth could make choices that not only undermine their futures, but, ultimately, the economic and social well-being of our communities.

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The presence of caring adults offering support, advice, friendship, reinforcement and constructive examples – has proved to be a powerful tool for helping young people fulfill their potential. By sharing fun activities and exposing a youth to new experiences, a mentor encourages positive choices, promotes high self-esteem, supports academic achievement, and introduces the young person to new ideas. A few hours of time each week spent with a youth can have a dramatic and long-lasting affect in their life. If you are interested in becoming a mentor please send an email to:

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Thank you for expressing interest in 180 Degrees, Inc. As a volunteer or intern with 180 Degrees, Inc., you will be part of a dynamic organization, have flexible hours, be afforded the opportunity for extensive, ongoing training, and gain valuable experience and satisfaction in the criminal and social justice arena. To assure that your volunteer experience will be a rewarding and satisfying one, you should have an interest in working on criminal and social justice issues or an interest in working with high-risk, high-need clients. If you are interested in internship opportunities with our programs, please send your inquiries along with your resume and cover letter to:

180 Degrees, Inc. is always looking for dedicated and committed individuals interested in helping the organization to turn lives around to ensure safer communities.

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